Break free from blockages and imbalances, master the power of your sexual energy & reach new levels of pleasure, self-awareness and growth!

With my 4-step framework

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• Traumatic and toxic relationship dynamics

• Distorted relationship with your sexual energy

• Inability to enjoy sex and orgasms

• Pornography or sex addition

• Low self-confidence 

• Mental and emotional blockages

• Lacking direction and purpose in life

• Being stuck on negative loops

• Feeling out of alignment 

You are not alone!

I know exactly how it feels because I’ve been there myself. I used to be anxious, had no clue about what my purpose in life was, had low self-esteem, was stuck in toxic relationship dynamics, and was disconnected from my sexual energy.

I worked on myself to uncover and heal the root cause of these issues, studied many different kinds of holistic healing modalities, and dedicated the past 13 years of my life to sharing what I’ve learned and helping people all across the globe with one-on-one coaching, healing sessions, retreats, workshops and sharing on social media. 

After collecting years of data and experience, I created an online certification course and 4 step program that helps people break free from blockages and imbalances, master the power of their sexual energy and reach new levels of pleasure, self-awareness and growth. 



Heal from past traumas

Overcome blockages and limiting beliefs that stop you from living your best life

Have more self-love, self-control and clear boundaries
Learn how to use your sexuality as a force for transformation
Embrace your sexuality in healthy ways
Experience new levels of pleasure
Manifest a healthy and conscious relationship
Learn practices and tools to empower all areas of your life
Feel confident and free

…But you don’t know where to start and would like clear guidance and support - You are at the right place! 

And what better time than now to start taking action to improve yourself and transform your life?

Because nothing will change, unless YOU change!



Sacred Sexuality 101 is an online certification course and comprehensive 4-step framework designed to help you Break free from blockages and imbalances, master the power of your sexual energy & reach new levels of pleasure, self-awareness and growth.


The course is divided into 4 modules with over 20 classes each, taking you on a journey from personal healing, spiritual development, relationship skills, and sacred sexuality practices to do solo or with a partner. Each month a new module is released in the student portal so you can go through it at your own pace, and you will have 8 extra months to review the material afterwards (12 month access total). The pdf’s and guided meditations are yours to keep forever, so you can always review the material at any time.

It includes:

• Instructional videos and pdf guides

• Growth assignments and journal prompts

• Guided meditations and breath-work practices

• A different yoga class with each module

• 24/7 online support

• A certification of completion



Neutrality Shifting Trauma by Gavin Speaks

Discover how you can remove trauma out of your system, so that you can continue walking your most organic path with confidence and serenity. 



Get Things Done

Feeling overwhelmed with too many things to do? Not anymore, this powerful bonus training program will help you step into a new paradigm of productivity and train yourself to deeply focus on your priorities and getting the right things done.

Learn at your own pace

Enjoy a flexible and adaptable training program, perfect for even the busiest schedule.


Everything online

No travel required. Learn in the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world!




This program IS for you if:

You want to master the power of your sexual energy in healthy ways

You want to experience new levels of pleasure and personal alignment

You are willing to do the work to change your life for the better

You want to transform your life but you would like guidance and support along the way

This program IS NOT for you if:

You are scared of change



You want easy fixes and a magic pill


You are close minded and stuck in your belief systems


You are not willing to take action, put effort and stay committed to your goals

 Are you ready to experience new levels of pleasure, self-awareness and growth?


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Their lives have transformed…
Is yours next?

"The course on Sacred Sexuality 101 with Mayara was a life changer in so many ways! 

I was united with my twin flame and through this practice my partner and I gained awareness that we are meant to be together. We actually got married during this course. My partner and I continue to grow closer spiritually. We experience deeper and longer orgasms. We connect deeper to source creation through our love making.  We are healing, integrating, and manifesting. Most importantly, we have worked through some dynamics around emotional, sexual, and spiritual blockages

I highly recommend this course to others as it is a wonderful way to help clear out any blocks or resistance around intimacy. It is a great course for anyone to take no matter how they identify gender, sexuality, and/or relationship status. It does not leave anyone out of the practice."

-Jessica G.

I saw Sacred Sexuality 101 as the perfect way to go much deeper into my knowledge and practices. I am also stepping into a teaching and leading role in my community – I want to help others the way sacred sexuality has helped me live a fuller, more wonderful life!

The course has helped me go to the next level in my overall understanding of sacred sexuality. This is great for my own personal practices, as well as being more confident to now start sharing this with others and helping them learn. It has provided so much value. I love that it covers so much detail, yet is structured in a way that breaks up all the main concepts into something that is digestible. Same for Mayara's fun and casual presentation and the length of the vide

-Robert H.

My life is more structured but also free flowing. I have a clear vision of my purpose. The sex my partner & I have is more than I could have ever imagined & we have connected so much through the course. I have implemented Mayara's wisdom & have healed so many aspects of my life. I live life more at ease by trusting & flowing through the cycles.

I united with my twin flame around the same time I discovered your channel. We have dedicated our time to absorbing the knowledge of this course together, we've grown on such a great scale individually & as partners. We started our first year together building a strong foundation & with beautiful tools & knowledge to further grow & blossom together. Thank you Mayara so much for sharing your knowledge through this course, because of it; not only do I have the stepping stones to a fulfilling life in holistic healing, but a beautiful harmonious relationship, the tools to sustain it, & have healed so many aspects of my life. Forever grateful for it all.

-Margarita Galvan

On Sacred Sexuality 101 course I learned self-love, self-empowerment, awareness of unhealthy patterns and habits, holding the frequency I would like to attract and being able to approach a beautiful thing like sex in a healthy encouraging way.

It has changed my life forever. I feel seen, empowered and a whole new being with animo to share it with the word. This course has empowered me and put healing into my hands and now I am able to share about sex in healthy ways.

-Gabriel Bolina



Bringing the shadow into the light


This module is dedicated to help you gain clarity of where you are, where you want to be and what is holding you back from manifesting the life you truly want. You will be guided on how to create a blueprint of what you like to manifest in your personal, professional, romantic and sexual life - and what steps to take in order to bring it into your reality.


• Personality Archetypes and Defense mechanisms

• Consciousness Archetypes

• Healing mother-father wounds

• Identifying the higher-self, lower-self, ego and inner-child

• The Human Needs

• Identifying Relationship Patterns

• Spiritual Ascension

• Identifying Your Life's Purpose

• How to shield yourself from negative energies

• Journaling therapy

• Movement Therapy

• Creative expression: Healing the inner-child

• Creating structure: daily rituals and practices

• Identifying Life Flow and Cycles

Module 2: ALIGN

Aligning with your higher-self


In this module you will learn practices that will help you heal and release what doesn’t serve your highest purpose, and create the foundation that you will build your life upon.


• Upgrade your mindset: The law of attraction and manifestation

Managing emotional trigger

Opening High Sense Perception & Receiving Spiritual Guidance

The 13 chakra system & The Human Energy Field

• Kundalini energy

• Sexual Energy Transmutation

• Semen, the seed of life: Semen retention

• The microcosmic orbit, kegels and breath of fire

• Healthy vs unhealthy masturbation

• Healing masturbation and pornography addiction

• Orgasm manifestation

• Healing Sexual Shame

• Healing Sexual Trauma

• Conscious Dating

• Nutrition for spiritual ascension


Creating harmony with self & in relationships


Relationships are the base of life, and in this module you will learn skills to help you thrive in any relationship, regardless if it's romantic, business, friendship, or most importantly… your relationship with yourself.


• Sexual energy exchange, relationship cords & sexual energy cleanse

• Twin Flames & Manifesting a sacred union

• Open relationships

• Creating healthy boundaries

• Gender and sexual preferences

• Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies

• Female cycles and archetypes

• Natural birth control alternatives

• Relationship healing and reigniting the fire

• Increasing intimacy & quality time

• Communication skills: Non-verbal communication

• Communication skills: Listening

• Communication skills: Sharing

• Communication skills: Positive reinforcement

• Communication skills: Words of affirmation

• Communication skills: Natural consequences 

Module 4: ELEVATE

Elevate your sexual experience


In this module you will learn practices that will help you elevate your intimacy and sexuality, turning it into a dynamic force of pleasure. and transformation.


• Partner Meditations: Eye gazing, balancing breath, balancing chakras, microcosmic orbit

• Principles of giving and receiving

• Principles of Touching

• Types of orgasms

• Yoni Massage and de-armoring

• G-Spot massage & squirting

• Lingam and Prostate massage

• Yoni Steaming

• Love temple: Setting the mood

• Initiating couples Sacred Sexuality practice

• Orgasmic Breathing

• Best positions for sacred sexuality

• Mastering non-ejaculatory orgasms: Transcending the animal nature

• Sacred Union & Soul Purpose

• Conception & Birth


Hi, I'm Mayara.

I was born and raised in beautiful Brazil and since I was a child I was fascinated by the vast world of spirituality. Starting in my early teenage years I struggled with high anxiety, stress, lack of self-love, lack of direction and purpose in life and several toxic relationships, which made me dive deep into my personal healing and growth.

I got my first certification in Quantum Energy Healing at age 17, moved to the United States and completed a 4 year bachelor program in Healing Science, got certified in 7 different modalities of yoga, became an A.U.R.A. hypnosis and R.A.A.H. reiki practitioner and found a special passion for the arts of Sacred Sexuality.

For the past 12 years I’ve been aiding people worldwide on their personal growth, healing and spiritual ascension journey, and I’ve created Sacred Sexuality 101, a comprehensive 4-step program designed to help people break free from traumas, blockages and sexual imbalances, and activate their confidence and inner-power by mastering sexual energy transmutation and sacred sexuality.

My purpose is to help create a better world by helping people live in alignment with their higher selves and divine nature.

Now you have a choice:

Do nothing and stay the same (or worse), try it all on your own and risk wasting time without having a proper direction, or even worse following advice from non qualified people and trying to build your life without proper foundation.
Or start your life transformation now and fast track your results with a clear method and my personal guidance along the way.


Limited-Time Offer


Check out what our students had to say about their experience:

“This course resonated with what I've always somehow known yet was unable to put clarity to. There truly are no words to describe how awesome Mayara and this course are. This course is so comprehensive, well designed/user friendly, and captivating. Mayara’s attention to detail was remarkable. I received/gained so much more than I could have ever anticipated. I now have such balanced and clear vision regarding my desired sexual experiences, my partner, and life in general. My life is forever changed.”

-Tamika L.

“We learned how to have an overall balance in our lives and relationship and use our sexual energy to grow and built a deeper connection. It has helped us to better understand the dynamics of our relationship and how to have a strong foundation on which we can build in the future.”

-Rumen & Izabel
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